It’s the first day of March and that means I get to share one of my confidence boosting secret weapons!

This secret weapon is a tool for my fellow portrait photographers to help them beat their portrait posing blues!

101 Poses – Posing Manual for Women’s Portraiture

101 Poses - Women's Portrait Posing Manual

My 101 Poses – Posing Manual for Women’s Portraiture is packed full of categorised hand-sketched poses which will not only keep your portrait session flowing with a variety of posing suggestions, but will have your client viewing you as the expert in the room!

No more ‘copying’ other photographer’s work by showing your client what someone else has done. The sketched poses are anonymous to your client as well as easy to understand, so they can get themselves into position without any awkward fumbling.

I also share the dialogue I have with my clients before we start the session, which sets the tone for the shoot and manages their expectation. This dialogue  explains how the session will work and as a result, they know what to expect and are able to relax a little more easily.

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