Do you ever take some quiet time to imagine your perfect day? When you need to calm your brain, do you ever imagine a setting that instantly releases the tension, slows your breathing and relaxes your mind?

I do.

And that place is a pine forest.

I loooove pine forests.

More than any other setting, I can feel the stress and anxiety begin to dissipate, the further into a pine forest I walk.

I’ve feel like I’ve been under quite a bit of pressure the last few weeks, so on Sunday, when the Hubs and I hadn’t made any plans for the day, I suggested we take the Pups for a walk in Newlands forest.

Ahhhhhh, it instantly soothes the soul.

I took my camera with and snapped some pics – for those days when I can’t physically get there, I can look at these images and imagine the sounds, the smells, the sensations and anchor the happy feelings I feel when I’m among those trees.


We finished off our walk with a coffee and a slice of cake at the lovely Montebello in Newlands where I got a few more images that make me happy to look at.

forest floor with pine needles and mushroom
Pine forest
tree trunk in forest with pine cone and pine needles and fern leaf in autumn
tree trunk in forest with pine needles
Tree trunk in forest
brown brick wall with creeper
small tree against green wooden fence
Window with flower pots

Where’s your happy place? What surroundings make you feel better?



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