I’ve been chatting to a number of women recently about helping them create their personal brand videos.

The penny has well and truly dropped about the importance of video in a broader personal brand strategy. With businesses moving to more remote setups and video conferencing becoming more of a norm than an exception, not only are female entrepreneurs embracing video as their main form of communication, but their clients are expecting it too.

As someone who’s dabbled in video for my own online marketing content, I’ve really come into my own with video now that we live in a remote part of the world.

From getting comfortable being in front of the video lens, to being comfortable behind the video lens as well as getting comfortable behind the laptop during the editing process… ┬áit’s been a process and video and film-making has crept it’s way into my own personal sphere of creative expression while at the same time, providing entrepreneurs and their clients the chance to connect in a way that transcends physical location.

So while I’ve been explaining the need for personal brand videos as an impact way to make first contact with potential customers, I realised that my own personal brand video was somewhat outdated. And given our new location, I decided this past weekend that it was time for a little update.

So here’s my current personal brand trailer…


Are you ready to update yours?