Stories are so powerful in life and in business. I’ve learned the most and been inspired the most by the stories solopreneurs before me have shared.

As well as the specific steps they took, it’s the journey of resilience and determination that inspires me to believe that if they can do it, so can I!

That’s why I felt called to tell my story…

In this video, I share my story of the struggles I faced when building my photography business… If you’re a creative solopreneur, I hope it gives you the confidence to keep going.

My Solopreneur Story…

In this video I share the story of how and why I created the Confident Creative Academy. How I went from an inexperienced photographer with low self esteem, to a woman who knows who she is, what she wants, and who knows that her creative gift can help other women step into being their best selves.

What’s Your Story?

I’d love to hear your story! Either comment below, or consider sharing your story in the Confidence According To… series.

Need support on your Solopreneur Journey?

If you’e a female freelancer or creative solopreneur who knows that she’s destined for more, and who also knows that her professional growth is directly proportional to her personal growth, then check out the Confident Creative Academy and let’s write your story together.