Years ago I started a video series where I would meet with fascinating and successful business women to ask them about their confidence secrets.

Those were some of the most rewarding conversations I’ve ever had.

Not only because of the enormous value that those women shared so willingly and lovingly – with a complete stranger, ME! – but because I got to re-listen to the conversations while I edited the videos to upload and share.

View the Confidence According To…. videos:

Watch them all here

Interviews in a COVID-19 world

Now that the world is a very different place, and quite frankly, so is my life, I’ve found another way to stay connected to these and more inspiring women who have so much to share about confidence, and personal branding and business.

Enter the Cafinnated Q&A interview series.

If you’re not aware, I have an online membership site for women who are intentionally growing their Personal Brands. It’s called Cafinnate Academy. And no, that’s not a spelling mistake! You can read the story behind the name at

In my years of being a Personal Branding Photographer, I’ve learned so much about the strategy behind building your personal brand, and taking every opportunity to showcase your expertise and being introduced to someone else’s audience is a crucial part of the process.

That’s why I want to give women the opportunity to step into this particular limelight as part of their bigger personal brand journey. And to do it with a bit of fun too.

Once a Tech-Geek, always a Tech-Geek

I’m just gonna say it – I LOVE that everyone has been forced to embrace technology thanks to COVID-19 and the lockdown. It just makes so much more sense and it’s far more efficient.

Yes, I totally miss the in-person interactions too. Drinking a coffee alone at home while staring at a screen of someone else drinking their’s doesn’t QUITE have the same experiential vibe. But that’s exactly why I decided to add a different SPIN to my online interviews.

I know that most people are a bit Zoomed out, and they’re so over online webinars – Yawn fest, am I right?

As someone who has an EXTREMELY short attention span, you really have to bring your A-Game to hold my attention for an entire 30 minute online call.

So that’s why the Cafinnated Q&A interviews are somewhat different to the business-as-usual online chats. If you’d like to see a preview, head on over to the Cafinnate Blog to see what I mean…

Book Your Spot for a Future Cafinnated Q&A

In the meantime, if you’d like to join me for a virtual coffee and a fun online chat with a difference, while building your personal brand, then book your spot now. Within 2 days of announcing this new series the sessions were booked up for 2 months. So get in there now!