Today, on New Year’s day, I’m happy to reveal a new look for my photography brand.

Abigail K Photography Logo


The last year saw a lot of growth for me, both personally and professionally. It was a great year and I learnt so much about myself and what I want for me as a person, as a photographer and for my business as a whole. I took some chances, some paid off, some didn’t. I learnt a lot, nonetheless. As I’ve transformed, so has my business and I feel that it’s time to reflect those changes outwardly. I’m far more clear about what my photography means for me and where I want it to go. Something that hasn’t always been the case before.

So this new look is more in-line with who I am as a person and it reflects that I’m doing what I do with the utmost authenticity and integrity. This new logo will remind me to check in with my list of values regularly and ensure that everything I do is in alignment with those values. There’s no pretending. It’s just me. The good, the bad and the human.

I’ve got clear goals for the year, a lot of which are designed to make me a more creative person and photographer. I’m so excited about the challenges I’ve set for myself and I know that it’s going to be a phenomenal year of growth.

So starting from today, January 1st 2014, this photographer is on her own little mission of discovering inspiration, creativity, growth, collaboration, learning, gratitude, recognition, romance, honesty and all while having fun in the process.