I’ve been doing my portrait shoots for almost 2 years now, loving it immensely, and thankful for every one I get to do.

I decided a while ago, that I didn’t want to just hand over a disk of images anymore. Somehow a disk of digital images detracts from the specialness of these shoots. These are more than just digital files and they don’t deserve to get left on a disk, in a drawer, never to see the light of day.

When the images are printed, you have something tangible to touch, to share and to display. Your very own pieces of artwork.

I use a professional printer who prints on high quality photographic paper at 7×10 (177.8mm x 254mm), which is then mounted in 11×14 (279mmx355mm) sleeve mattes. These are then presented in an archival box with magnetic flip lid to keep safe and place in your book case. 

You then have the choice to keep the images in the box as a keepsake or frame individual images as you choose. They also make amazing gifts for your loved ones. Imagine giving a box like this to your husband or mother. Or something to pass on to your children later in life.

Abigail K Prints