As you may know, I’ve recently decided to embark on a journey of public speaking. Something I feel I was born to do, but still something that fills me with nerves. It’s a process that will take time, but is one that I’m super keen to get going.

Back in August I gave my first Confidence Crusader talk at the Somerset West chapter of Xtraordinary Women Network. It was exhilarating to get up there in front of a room full of women and share a message of upliftment and encouragement. To see the profound responses on the faces of those listening and to see the level of engagement that was happening right in front of me – I took it as an indicator that this is definitely meant to be part of my journey.

After the talk, the Xtraordinary Women team asked me to recap what I’d shared in my talk…

They’ve very kindly asked me to do another talk, this time for their Holistic Chapter on the 19th of November at the Manhattan Suites in Century City.

xtraordinary women holistic Abigail Klopper19_november_xwhn

The topic is Making Your Vision Come To Life and with 2017 just around the corner, I’m sure you can agree, now is the right time to start visualising what you want the year ahead to look like.

In this talk I’ll be sharing some of my own experiences of making an idea or vision into reality as well as sharing some lessons I’ve learned about the power of the mind, the power of visualisation, the power of belief and the power of feeling your way to the life you want.

Register on the Xtraordinary Women website and I’ll see you on the 19th November 2016!