In this episode I answer a question from my assistant. Are you niching your business? Are you unsure as to how to decide on your specialty? Are you good at many different things and can’t decide which to focus on?

Niching? How to Decide on your specialty

Niching? How to Decide on your specialty

How do you decide on your specialty?

When you realise that niching your products or services is a good business decision, how do you decide what to niche in?
How do you decide on what you want to be known for?

In this episode I give 3 tips for making that decision.

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Steps for Deciding on Your Specialty

1. Determine what you’re good at.
2. Of those things you’re good at, which do you enjoy most?
3. Of those things you enjoy most, what will people pay for?

That should give you a good starting point to deciding what your specialty should be.

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What other advice would you share for someone trying to decide on their specialty?

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