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Every woman has an obligation not only to herself but to the women in her life to show up in this world as her most confident self. This journey is a lesson in self-love, self-acceptance & self-respect – to get us all to a place where, IN SPITE of our imperfections, we show up with confidence. This world needs more feminine input, influence and impact, and confidence is the key to helping women show up in a more significant way.

The go-to girl for Women’s Confident Personal Brands.

By helping women recognize and cultivate their confidence through my Personal Brand Photography and videography, my online membership site Cafinnate Academy,  YouTube Channel & online platforms, I hope if nothing else, that a single confident women steps up her visibility and offers proof and permission for a wave of women to begin their own confidence crusade.




Confidence is EVERYTHING

This journey of elevating women’s confidence is the culmination of years of observing how women show up in this world – how they choose to exist and express themselves throughout the phases of their lives. I was an insecure impressionable young girl who was always looking for the ‘rule book’ – the 101 of being a confident woman. When my photography career path brought me to an intersection where my observation of women became the most acute it had ever been, I realised the purpose of all those years of feeling ‘less-than’, of knowing that there must be a way to tap into that inherent confidence. So began a personal journey paralleled by a professional one, woven together with the thread of discovering true feminine confidence.

My hope is that each one of us – us the feminine collective – gives ourselves permission to discover and express our most confident self.

The Personal Brand Mix

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Listed as one of 30 women you need to know in South Africa by Leadership Magazine in 2016.

“I received more than just photos from you. I also had an awesome experience, but more than that, my perspective on my personal + business life has altered. I’m not sure if it’s just the photo shoot that’s done this, or if it’s connecting with an inspiring person like yourself, or listening to your daily thoughts on confidence. Whatever it is, I feel excited about what lies ahead. And sorry if this is oversharing, but I believe in giving credit where credit is due- so thank you, what you do has an impact!”

Jenny Collins

Architecture and Interior Designer, Red Cat Design

“From start to finish had the most wonderful time with Abigail and Bia (hair and makeup). I was put at ease, we had loads of fun and the entire shoot was run professionally. I am incredibly happy with my photos and will use Abigail again and again.”

Ann Olivier

CEO, Arthritis Foundation of South Africa

“Many people have a fancy camera and can take good photos. Very few in my experience can bring out the real ‘me’ in a photo shoot. I loved my images and will use them for many years. In the past, a photo shoot has only delivered one or two images I liked. The difference is the way Abigail not only puts you at ease, but she guides you through the poses. I enjoyed her pre-shoot guided visualisation recording. I am proud to use these images to represent me on my website and on social media. If you are looking to update your images, look no further!”

Aletta Rochat

Voicing your Potential

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“And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

Marianne Williamson

Thank you Abigail for such beautiful images. You captured so perfectly the essence of what I wanted to portray for my flower business.  I have had great feedback on the pictures and this has given me added confidence to go out and flower with passion! Thank you.

Belinda Soboil

Florist, Bella Flowers

Thank you so much for my profile shots, Abi! And thank you for making me laugh all the way through and helping me to be comfortable, even though i was dreading it!

You captured ‘me’ perfectly!

Anna Geldenhuys

Designer, Jacoba Clothing

Being photographed by Abigail K was an incredible experience. Her gentle prompts for posing in certain ways and constant encouragement went a long way. She also has an amazing eye for bringing out your natural beauty in the way she uses lighting and the angles she works with when taking photos.

Claire Niewoudt

Abigail is a true professional not just for the quality of her pictures which are outstanding, but also for her attention to detail, her presence and her incredible ability to make you feel at ease and beautiful at the same time. I had the greatest fun during the shoot and love my pictures, which is a first for me! They really stand out on websites, my social profiles and my signature and I constantly receive compliments. I highly recommend that every business professional engages Abby to have their portraits done.

Nanci Govinder

Thank you so much for my profile shots. You made it so easy and fun. I had no idea what to expect but your gentle prompting and encouragement made me feel very comfortable. I really enjoyed it. My photo shoot with you had a profound effect on me in so many ways and has been a turning point in my life. I notice that what you are really giving your clients is confidence and an inner beauty. Thank you for that. You have captured a moment in time that will stay with me forever and propel me into the future with a positive spirit.

Charmaine Gilmour

I absolutely loved working with Abigail! The session unfolded with ease and joy. Abigail’s calm demeanor and confidence added to the relaxed atmosphere. I was most impressed with the end result as it was a spot-on presentation of the pre-brief and a beautiful and refreshing reflection of who I believe I am. It takes a true artist with a keen eye and deep insight to extricate the essence of their object. So here’s to you, Abigail! You are professional, brilliant and a lovely person to work with. Time spent in your company and in front of your camera lens leaves one with a long-lasting feeling of connection to all that is well, all that is beautiful and all that is balance and harmony.

Maritza Breitenbach

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