This is NOT about the having the latest marketing hack, sales funnel or script.

If you’ve been haphazardly marketing yourself for years but continue to struggle to resonate with your audience, then it’s likely because you’re lacking the fundamentals of connecting with and understanding your audience’s needs.

Archetype Assessment

This is about YOUR connection to the part of you that’s calling to be expressed in your role as a coach, a speaker, an author or someone who wants to affect transformation in the lives of people who are battling with their own self-mastery.

Online Consultation

If you’re tired of your own ineffectuality and feel powerless because you’re just not reaching the people who need your help, then let’s start harnessing your connection with universal truth and wisdom and hook you up with a level of understanding and insight that speaks straight to the heart and soul of your audience.

Archetype Assessment + Online Consultation

Book an online consultation now, and get access to the Archetype Assessment Tool to determine your dominant archetype.

Archetypes are universal stories that show up in human lives.

Working with the Archetype framework in life or business is intended to provide you with insight and information that sparks awareness of yourself and others, which in turn gives you a tool through which you can document, understand and makes sense of the journey you find yourself on.

These archetypes provide a structure that gives you the freedom to explore and expand yourself in ways that differ from others due to your unique experiences, perspectives and biological makeup. Archetypes help us make sense in a world when many things often don’t.

When you gain the insight into your own archetype, you begin to see how this tool becomes a means to understanding your audience, their desires, their fears and their dominant motivators.

Book a session now to take the assessment followed by a consultation that will give you a roadmap to connecting with your audience in a more meaningful, intentional and impactful way.


  • September30Wednesday
    Personal Branding Consultation
    3:45 pm 5:15 pm
  • October01Thursday
    Personal Branding Consultation
    1:30 pm 3:00 pm
  • October07Wednesday
    Personal Branding Consultation
    3:30 pm 5:00 pm
  • October08Thursday
    Personal Branding Consultation
    1:30 pm 3:00 pm
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