It took me ages to get clear on how I wanted to present myself and my brand out there in the online wilderness!

Especially since I had made the really huge decision a few years back to switch from being a Wedding Photographer (something I was well known for and which was my main income) to being a photographer who specialises in photographing women and making them feel confident.

What did THAT even look like? 

What types of images did I need to start sharing online and how would I even begin to make the transition from being known as a Wedding Photographer, to being known as a Specialist Women’s Portrait Photographer?

And I’m not just talking about pictures of myself. I’m talking about all the visual content I shared online, the things I wrote about, the people I connected with. The whole shabang!

Thankfully, through my own trial and error, I’ve now firmly established myself as the ‘go-to girl for women’s confidence‘ which has opened up a whole business avenue outside of photography that I hadn’t even considered when I made the switch. And it’s all hinged on how I established my Personal Brand.

That’s why I’m happy to share some good news with you today:

I’ve made 4 or 5 spots per month available in my calendar to brainstorm Personal Branding strategies and techniques with my fellow Creativepreneurs (that’s you!). I don’t advertise or market this anywhere else, it’s just for people like you who’ve indicated that it’s time to start taking their Personal Brand seriously. It’s the first (& low cost) step in working with me, as it helps us determine if we’re a good fit without the pressure, while ALSO generating and bouncing ideas around for you in the process.

Next steps & details:

(1) Check out my live calendar and book a slot on this page

(2) Determine what you’d like to achieve or gain clarity on in a 1 hour online chat.

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