What have you started in 2020?

The first month of this new year and new decade is over, we’re already looking down the barrel of the first quarter and so many of us set our intentions to start something new this year, am I right? Whether it’s an exercise regime, a healthy eating plan or a new business.

The hardest thing about change is actually starting!

So if you’re still on track with that intention, then kudos to you!

Karen Pawley more than anyone, knows how challenging it can be to start those new journeys, and she also knows how rewarding it is to stick with it, even when it feels like you’re not getting anywhere.

This year Karen has officially started her own Health Coaching business called Health2Healing, after qualifying as a Health Coach following a 2 year journey of re-skilling and re-defining herself. And even earlier than that 2 years of transformation was her own personal transformation that prompted the realisation of her calling. Karen transformed her health, one day at a time, through conscious movement and healthy eating choices. One day after the next.

When she approached me last year to book her Personal Branding shoot ahead of attaining her formal qualification, she told me how valuable it was that she’d been through the whole health transition experience, because it meant that she can completely understand the struggles her clients are going through on their own health journeys. She knows what it’s like to resist that thing that’s good for her, what her heart knows is right while her old habits are clawing at her to take the easy path. So having overcome that herself and further educated herself, she’s now helping others transition through the same process of change.

Looking for Inspiration & motivation?

So if you want some inspiration either for transforming your health, or for transforming your business, take a read and meet Karen Pawley…

Meet Karen Pawley from Health2Healing

Health Coach
Business Name: Health2Healing
Website: www.health2healing.co.za
Facebook Page: Health2Healing
Instagram: health2healing


How do you help people with your service?

I help clients to improve their physical health through nutrition and exercise programs, and mental health by looking at lifestyle balance, breaking bad habits and identifying and reframing limiting beliefs. I coach people on what they need to know about food and health – and how they can claim vitality, mental clarity and lasting wellness.

What makes your service/business different?

The fact that I have walked this journey of my own and thus able to relate to the personal difficulties my clients experience. In the name of health, fitness and fresh air I offer ‘Walk and Talk’ sessions with clients so we have our coaching sessions whilst out for a walk (if in the CT area). Apart from the weekly sessions I also have mid-week check-in’s to assist with focus and accountability and offer laser coaching sessions if the client needs a check in before their next booking.

Why do you do what you do?

I had been running my own business in the wine industry for 10 years which involved several wine and foodie events each week when I realised I could not keep up that lifestyle. I was a walking time bomb in terms of body fat, threat of Diabetes and much more. I turned my life around following an exercise and eating plan and had been on my own journey for about 18 months before I found an online health coaching course that interested me. I signed up to it for my own learnings. By this stage I was taking part in trail runs on weekends etc and wanted to know more about nutritional requirements etc. Turns out, I loved it so much, felt such a calling to it that I closed my old business and have started from scratch in an entirely new industry as a health coach.

What has been your biggest challenge on your business journey & how did you overcome it?

My challenges have been two-fold. Firstly, I come from a background having run my on business in the wine industry for 12 years. Now, launching into the health industry, has been pretty much a 180 degree turn in my career and I’ve started from the ground up to launch my new practice all over again. Secondly, my IT skills are challenged to say the least. Whilst I don’t need too many skills in the day to day running of the business I realise how much I need to skill up to market the business and get my brand out there.

What would you do differently if you could start your journey again?

I guess I would’ve loved to start earlier. I am approaching 45 fast and furiously and launching a business at this age, with family responsibilities has been tougher than the first time I launched my own business 12 years ago. But then I wouldn’t have the empathy and listening skills I’ve developed which assist me in being the coach I am able to be today.

How has confidence impacted the success/growth of your business?

Wow, there is a lot of questioning and wavering confidence throughout the journeys I take with each client. I have clients from such varied backgrounds and walks of life that I sometimes feel my confidence waver, questioning if I can assist. But the coaching platform and questioning allows clients to find and voice their own truth and solutions so they are their own experts and I only have to create the platform and space for them to uncover their answers for themselves. Testimonials that I’ve received has definitely help build my confidence and cement the decision I made to change my life, lifestyle and career!

What advice would you give other women, either starting out or already in their business/career?

Trust yourself! You know all the answers. Use whatever means you need – chatting to a friend, journaling, meditation, whatever it takes to allow yourself to get out your head and listen to your heart to take the right next steps.
Keep moving forward – do something, however small each day to keep yourself and your business moving forward. Overwhelm leads to paralysis. Try break your goals down into manageable bite size bits so you can take action and not be overwhelmed. Finally – as I’m sure you’ve heard hundreds of times before: Done is better than perfect – Just do it! You can change / clean it up at a later stage. I’m still in the process of setting up my website, social media platforms and even getting some contracts and documents in place so those are my immediate focus.

What’s next for you and your journey?

Long term I need to find some marketing opportunities and decide if I want to open up into group coaching.

What one thing would you change (if any) that would make you your most confident self?

Tech savvy Coaching environment that I host my sessions from.

What does confidence mean to you?

Confidence is self-love, respect, quiet assuredness, calm, patience, trust.