Personal Branding


What is Personal Branding?

According to Cape Town’s Personal Branding expert (pictured above), personal branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room. It’s your reputation, what you’re known for, how you make people feel, and how people explain to others what you can improve or solve. It’s the things that make you memorable enough to others that will lead to them referring you to their contacts.

Having a personal branding is deciding to get intentional about managing your reputation.

Get intentional about your Personal Brand?

We can’t control what people ultimately think of us, but we can certainly influence it. By the way you conduct yourself, your business, and how you present yourself, both in your personal appearance, but also how you present your business.

Personal Branding is the whole package – Who you are. Why you do what you do. What you do. How you can help your clients. Where you conduct your business.


Let me tell the visual story of your brand…

As well as your gorgeous head shot, let props, objects and maybe even your products explain what you do and how you do it. Show your clients why you do what you do and how happy it makes you and your past clients.

Two Personal Brand Shoot Options:

1 Shoot, 1 Collection, 1 Payment

4 Shoots, 4 Collections, 12 Monthly Payments


Make A Booking

Wardrobe Styling

Wardrobe Styling Optional Extra

You can use this opportunity to update your professional look far beyond the photo shoot, ensuring that the image you will portray in your photo is consistent with your day to day look. I have partnered up with some of Cape Town’s most renowned personal stylists. They will ensure that your clothing choice is in line with the image you wish to portray and also teach you what works for you, what doesn’t and why, according to your body shape, personality and preferred style.

You will walk away with the skills, tips & knowledge to shop for and choose the clothes and colours that compliment you in the best way! From now on, you’ll shop and dress with confidence and know how to maintain your camera-ready look every day!

Styling001Copyright- (c) Abigail K Photography Once the stylist has helped you choose your outfits for the shoot, you’ll be camera-ready!

Leave the professional hair styling & makeup to my team and then experience a 2 hour photo shoot with 3-4 different looks. I’ll guide you with my camera coaching where I’ll teach you the poses, postures and other tips and tricks for getting a good shot every time.

Please inquire about wardobe styling at the time of booking.


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