Oh my, too much to say about Abby! I don’t mean to shock you but she is not a photographer !!! She is an Acrobat!! She has this marvelous ability to twist and turn herself into the most inexplicable, noodle like positions, just to get the perfect shot! To look at yourself through Abbys eyes, allows you to see yourself differently. In a good way ? So that means she’s a magician too. : ) She sees beauty, she shoots beauty & she captures beauty. So yeah, I guess that makes her a photographer too : ) . Abby is quite honestly one of the most inspirational, fun loving and creative woman I have ever met! In a nutshell, she is a Gosmackingly Brilliant Acrobatic-Photographic-Artist, that dabbles in Magic ! Ooo… I almost forgot, she is also Madame Santa Clause!! Waiting for those pics, feels like a Kid at Xmas!! I hereby declare to do my utmost to treat myself annually to an ‘Abby-Always shooting beauty ‘ shoot to celebrate my womanhood.



To anyone who sees these exquisite pictures on Abigails “walls” online… what goes on within you at Abigail K’s beauty shoots, and then at the final take, is transformational… Abigail’s talent goes deeper than just the click of the camera! What her talent gives is just so much more… I have continued to grow and blossom as the woman I once believed and knew I was… she re-painted me in these shots and this entire experience raised me up out of a “low confidence” zone and helped me recognize the light and magic within me that somehow us Moms tend to forget… and as a final blessing and continuation to the magical experience, my relationship with my beautiful daughter has deepened and grown to newer levels of fun, sharing and a different kind of closeness that we have NEVER had before… Thank you Abigail for everything that has unfolded as a result of this awesome PRIZE and gift at the most important day in a Mother’s life – the celebration and privilege of being a MOM – every year… I feel re-born!



I’ve seen Abigail’s work before, so I thought that I knew what an amazing job she would do, but nothing could prepare me for the experience I was about to have. It far exceeded any expectation I could have had. I decided to do my beauty shoot as a celebration of my 40th Birthday and it was once of the best decisions I could have made. The whole shoot, from start to finish was fun, comfortable and it made me feel like I was a supermodel, even if just for one day. The finished product completely blew me away. I couldn’t believe that the girl in the pictures was me! Wow! I looked beautiful and any woman will tell you how hard it is to say those words about herself. Thank you Abigail, for making me feel like they do on the red carpet. Your professionalism, charm and charisma made the entire experience unforgettable… and I have the photo’s to prove it.