Ever get the feeling that you’ve been running through your life at a constant sprint, only to suddenly look up from the track and realise – ‘Hang on, why am I doing this?’


Just me then.

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We’re approaching the middle of the year at a rapid rate, and I feel almost out of breath.

As a photographer in this part of the world who photographs weddings, holiday time during holiday season is non-existent. Then, wedding season ends and… *crickets*

The Hustle

Girl’s gotta hustle, ‘cos girl can’t live on crackers for 4 very long, cold winter months. Plus, girl now has new, super lush studio with just as super and just as lush rent to pay!

So I hop from the sprint lane to the hurdles lane, ‘cos not only do I need to keep up the pace, I now need to add jumping from photographer mode over here to jumping into marketing mode over there. This shit can get tiring, I tell you.

All this while needing to stay motivated, creative and happy.

However tiring though, the hustle is a good thing. For me it means a chance to refocus and figure out what I actually enjoy doing and then making plans to do more of that.

And although there are some things about this race that I definitely want to and need to change, on the whole, I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s bloody hard work. I’ve never worked so hard in my life, since choosing to become a self-employed photographer a number of years back, and more recently since the start of this year. And even though there’s still shit-loads I want to and need to accomplish for this year, I’ve decided two things –

1. I’m going to ditch the sprint and sign up for the long distance

2. I’m going to strap on my wings and prepare to fly!


Ditch the Sprint. Sign up for long distance.

I’ve come to the realisation that the tiresome sprint is self inflicted. That not having a longer term plan is where the problem lies, along with the ‘thinking-small-syndrome’ that I’ve been afflicted with. It’s time to think big, make big plans and do the work required for those plans to become reality.

Strapping on my wings.

My next realisation is that if I have momentum anyway, and I’m moving in the direction that I feel is my purpose, then why not add a little lift and lighten the load. Stop working do damn hard, and start working damn smart.

I’m convinced that if I start working smart and thinking big, I’ll eventually fly!!

So I guess this is some kind of declaration, to myself and anyone who’s managed to get this far down into my ramblings. I’m ditching the sprint, signing up for the long distance and strapping on my wings. Why don’t you join me for the ride?