Between my husband pushing me and a number of novice photographers asking me, this workshop has been a long time coming. And I mean, a looooooong time. I’ve always resisted, convincing myself that I don’t have anything to teach, or that I’m not technical enough, or that I’m not one of THOSE photographers who fly all over the world giving workshops and posting pics online about how fabulous and fashionable their lives are.

There are more excuses, I can guarantee you. In fact, I’ve become quite adept at coming up with excuses not to do it. Hey, maybe there’s a workshop in there somewhere….

photography workshop

However, this year has been an interesting one for me, most notably because of the amount of time I’ve spent outside my comfort zone. It’s been intense.

So in keeping  with this trend, I’ve decided to go ahead and do it. I’m doing the workshop.

But I’m doing it my way, and a very clear purpose.

Being a photographer, makes blogging a whole lot easier.

I’ve recently started putting a whole lot more effort into my blog and I realised that being a photographer makes blogging a whole lot easier, because we’re always creating our own visual content, without having to rely on others or worse – pay someone to create the imagery for us.

I’ve always just taken it for granted – the fact that when I get an idea for a blog post, I can quickly just snap a pic to go along with it.

This got me thinking –

I’m sure other bloggers, who are either not photographers, or who are just starting out in photography, would love to know how to be self sufficient with their online visual content.

So this will be a photography workshop for non and novice photographers to help them learn the basics of creating visual content that will improve their blog content, making it more engaging and interesting.


And KA-BOOM! There’s my workshop!

photography workshop

So, if you’d like to attend a photography workshop, that has no technical photography jargon, is geared toward non and novice photographers and is going to help you improve your blog content,  then make sure you register now!

Register Now!