There are 7 Types of Personal Brand Photos for Visual Content that every small business should have.

What photos do you need for your personal brand?

By the end of this video you’ll know what personal brand photos you should have in your digital assets library, where to use them and how to make them yourself so that you can keep your content fresh, current and relevant.

7 Types of Personal Brand Photos for Visual Content:

Building a personal brand is as much about the your visual presence as it is about the message you share.

Your visual content is ALWAYS the first thing your audience notices about you – before you open your mouth on a video, before they read your captions or blog posts, they’ve already SEEN your photos, your graphics and your other branding elements.

So in order to catch the eye of your ideal client, you need to be creating and sharing intentional and consistent visual elements that engages with your audience and entices them to listen to or read what you have to share.


  • 01:11? Mistake No.1
  • 01:26? Mistake No.2
  • 01:55? Dangers of using stock images 1
  • 02:18? Dangers of using stock images 2
  • 02:39? Mistake No. 3
  • 03:13? List of the 7 types of photos your personal brand needs
  • 03:37? 1st Type of Photo
  • 04:30? 2nd Type of Photo
  • 05:30? 3rd Type of Photo
  • 06:26? 4th Type of Photo
  • 07:18? 5th Type of Photo
  • 08:11? 6th Type of Photo
  • 09:05? 7th Type of Photo
  • 09:56? Bonus Type
  • 12:22? Keeping your photos organised

Watch the full Masterclass with behind the scenes of how to make these photos?


Are you making any of those mistakes?

  • Have you started building your business photo library?
  • Have you got some or all of the photo categories mentioned?

I’d love to know!

Please comment on the YouTube video here (your comment is like a little gift to me that costs you nothing – THANK YOU!), or if you prefer, leave a comment below this blog post…

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