This has been a week of major pivots for all of us.

As South Africa and the rest of the world goes into full lockdown, those of us who’s livelihood is dependent upon us being able to interact in person with our clients and customers find ourselves in a position where we’re needing to pivot if we hope to be able to keep providing for our households and families during and after this global crisis.

When the first mutterings of the virus reaching South Africa began, I started thinking about how my business would be impacted. For a few years, I’ve been keenly aware of the fact that if I take ill, or I go on holiday and I’m not continually take photographs and creating videos for people, my income would all but dry up and my business would implode.

This was in part my motivation to start building an online business in the form of an educational and support community that took the shape of a membership website.

For just over a year I’ve been honing my online academy as I onboarded members and created content to support them and help them bulster their personal, business and creative confidence.

And while my photography and videography remained my main source of income while I was navigating this new world of owning and running a membership site, I’m so glad that I did that when I did, because now that my bread and butter has quite literally dried up, I’ve at least got a foundation on which to build my online business which is well placed to actually help thousands of women during this time of crises, while in the process, allowing me to continue to pay my bills and contribute to our household.

I’m not saying I’ve got it all figured out…. my academy is not in a position yet to pay ALL my bills – but the scope exists to get it to that point. Which means I still need to pivot my photography and videography business to shoulder the burden until my online business can take the full weight of my financial needs.

So I’ve been brainstorming – ALOT – about how I can use my skills and talents to be of service to people, while we’re all locked up in our homes…

In this process of brainstorming, I realised that there are actually so many beautiful opportunities here… in this time we’ve been given to step away from our usual business routines. In fact, I’m SO excited about what’s possible because, if it weren’t for this crisis I would never have taken stock of the additional services I can offer, and those offerings would have passed me and my clients by, without us even realising it.

So here’s what I’m adding as my new lockdown services…

  1. I’m sifting through my past client’s photos and letting them know that they can buy the other photos they didn’t purchase the first time round.
  2. I’m offering consulting sessions for entrepreneurs who want 1-1 online video tech setup help to get started with their own video creation for marketing their business and recording their online courses.
  3. I’m offering editing of the video footage they capture on two tiers…Basic Editing to cut out the ummmms… and fluffs…. and Extended Post Production to add titles, stock video clips and copyright free music.
  4. I’m bundling my existing online courses to teach female entrepreneurs how to get confident on camera along with DIY video and editing tips on their phones.
  5. I’m also offering WordPress website setup. I built this photography website, and my online academy websites from scratch, and I’m always being asked who built my websites, so….
  6. I’m thinking of offering a “Build your own WordPress Website in 7 days programme…”

How did I come up with these ideas for 6 new potential income streams?

New ideas for online income streams…

I asked myself these questions….

  1. What could I sell my past clients?
  2. What am I really good at that others would a) like to learn how to do themselves or b) pay someone else to do. (Hint: it doesn’t need to specifically be work related)
  3. What am I always being asked about?

So if you’re looking for new options, ask yourself these 3 questions.

And then create your offers by packaging them…

Package your New Offers

There are 3 tyoes of packages you can offer:

  1. Done With You (DWY)
  2. Done For You (DFY)
  3. Do it Yourself (DIY)

Actually there’s a 4th – It’s a hybrid of Done With You and Done For you.

In my example, here’s how I’ve clarified my packages…

  • My first idea for offering my video consulting services is a Done With You (DWY) package. I merely advise you on what you need to do with what you have to work with. But you have to actually do the work once I give you my expert advice.
  • My next offer of video editing, and the editing of past photos I’ve already taken of my clients AND building WordPress websites is my Done For You (DFY) package
  • And finally my course bundle is my Do It Yourself (DIY) offer.
  • The week long challenge I’m thinking of offering is a hybrid of DWY and DIY, because those whom I teach will be the ones actually building their websites.


If you’re a bit lost at this stage and don’t know what to do.… brainstorm ways that you can turn your DFY service into a DIY service or a DWY service.

And if you want some more inspiration, watch this Facebook Live I did earlier in the week…

I’d love to hear from you…

Please share your own ‘business pivoting during lockdown stories’ with an explanation of how you’re redefining and redesigning your products and services for inclusion in this blog post, to inspire others who feel stuck at the moment and out of ideas…

Please Specifically Share:
1. The product/service you usually offer Pre-lockdown
2. How the product/service has changed due to lockdown
3. And feel free to share links to your new products or services…


I’d love to shine some light on all of you who are doing your best to keep serving your clients during a challenging time…

Here’s what some women in my community are doing…

Fiona: IF admin

Fiona is an Insurance Broker and she’s changing the way she consults with her clients, by offering to review insurance cover online over Zoom, Skype or Whatsapp.

Fiona says:

I previously did 98% of my meetings in person for a true ‘personal touch’ and on site to visit my clients for their short term insurance needs. I have now implemented online video consultations, still personal but from a distance and am I am this week reviewing all our existing clients insurance over this very trying period. I am in the process of launching this service and functionality for new clients over the course of next week and am happy to see where I can assist people in saving premiums for things or covers which they may not need during this period, whilst understanding holistically how they normally operate sans lock down and what will be required going forward, once we find our new-normal.

Melanie Britz:

Melanie is offering online support session for groups to help them deal with their emotions during this time and also offers free training sessions called Conscious Time Mastery

This is lockdown and isolation are not in place, Melanie is a real estate agent.


Sonja McKaiser:

Sonja McKaiser is an NLP Coach and usually offers in-person vision board and expressive writing workshops in her beautiful creative space at home. Now Sonja is hosting her expressive writing workshops online, for the first time.

Kathleen Kitsche

Kathleen is helping parents keep their children entertained while on lockdown using Zoom to offer online craft and creative building sessions.

Nell Browne

Nell Browne is a health professional in private practice and offers services that include analysing chronic medication for drug interaction and nutrient depletion and then guiding her patients on making better choice on the journey of “ Reclaiming Wellness”. And she coaches clients through a healthy lifestyle plan that includes a very detailed eating plan which can be used for weight loss, weight gain or just to regain energy. Nell is provides her services via ZOOM / Skype consultations and will be doing more of these rather than sitting down with her clients as she has clients in both USA and Canada and all over South Africa…

Now with the lockdown, Nell would like to be offering video / webinar info sessions to help people with practical health / wellness matters during the lockdown period and beyond.


Share your Business Pivot Ideas during lockdown

What ideas do you have to pivot your business? Let me know if the comments below and I’ll add them to this post.

Please Specifically Share:
1. The product/service you usually offer Pre-lockdown
2. How the product/service has changed due to lockdown
3. And feel free to share links to your new products or services…