Couple Posing Tutorial

Many of my past clients have mentioned that they aren’t naturally comfortable in front of the camera. This is something I hear all the time and I can even relate to it myself.

This got me thinking. What if I could teach my clients the basics of posing, BEFORE the wedding, so that when the big day arrives, they know exactly what to expect and they can run through the couple shoot in a cinch? I mean…

You go for dancing lessons, right?

Learning the steps, body positions and groovy moves ahead of time, so that on the day, you ooze suave-ness and sophistication, and ultimately, enjoy the dance so much more!

This practical posing tutorial, or camera coaching session, ensures that my clients understand my direction and posing techniques, they get to practice in front of the camera in a non-pressure environment and they have fun with their homework in the lead up to their ‘I Do’ day.


Tutorial costs R750.00 per couple and takes about 1 hour and takes place at my studio.

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Couple's Posing Basics

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