Kim came to me to update her business head shot photo after starting the process of establishing her new online presence and business branding. During our initial interaction, she explained that she had put off doing the shoot for some time, because she wasn’t ready to step out of her comfort zone. When I hear clients say things like that, then I know that this is EXACTLY the right time for them to step outside of their comfort zone and get themselves in front of the camera.

Be Photographed Before You’re Ready – It May Surprise You

The reason I know this is that, from my experience, these are the clients who are going to have the biggest ‘ah-ha!’ moments! They are the ones who, if they allow themselves a moment of reprieve from their negative inner voice, are going to see the biggest shift in personal perception – they see themselves with new eyes. They’ll also come to realise that the fear they have around the whole process was their own making and that it wasn’t half as scary as they had imagined.

Kim Chamber Profile Picture Headshot by Abigail K Photography

Be Photographed Before You’re Ready – Your Business Needs a Face

When it comes to promoting your brand in the social online space, people want to do business with other people. Not with faceless entities. It’s part of the building trust process that’s so important in marketing your business. So stop hiding behind an inanimate logo and show people who they’re talking to.

Be Photographed Before You’re Ready – Most People Won’t Notice Your Self-Imposed Imperfections

Much like fear – personal insecurities are mostly imagined. We each have self-imposed imperfections which, in our world, are glaringly obvious. But the reality is – those hang-ups we have about our own physical appearance go largely unnoticed by others, because to them, it’s a non-issue. It doesn’t even feature on their radar. So realise that the prominence of the extra weight you’re carrying, the few grey hairs or the deepening laughter lines, is more about you obsessing about them, rather than other’s noticing them.


Kim Chamber Profile Picture Headshot by Abigail K Photography

How Kim Embraced the Process

“Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” – The title of the book I’m currently reading. That’s exactly what Kim did. She faced it head on and stepped out in front of my lens. Kudos, Kim!

She did an amazing job of following instructions and allowed herself to trust the process. She ended up ordering twice the number of images from my Profile Picture package and had this to say about it:

“Thank you so much for the photos, I am completely surprised and blown away! You have no idea how nervous I was about doing this, and I am so ”wowed” by the results! You are truly amazing!”

Kim Chamber Profile Picture Headshot by Abigail K Photography