Trish Holdengarde Business Intuitive Abigail K Photography Profile Picture 5Trish has one of those faces that I can’t seem to peel my eyes from. It’s as if she has some magnetic power that draws you in and connects to something that’s not quite explainable.

As odd and ‘girl-crushy’ as that sounds, there is actually an explanation – Trish is in the business of connecting with people using her powers of intuition.

When Trish first contacted me about setting up a shoot for her new profile photos, I was both thrilled and a little nervous. I was thrilled because Trish is the epitome of feminine elegance and I knew that I wanted to capture that for her. I was nervous because I knew that she was an intuitive, and without understanding what that actually meant, I wondered if she could read my mind, feel my nervous vibes and know what I was going to say before I said it.

Of course I had absolutely no reason to feel nervous because, firstly – Trish uses her unique talents to guide business owners to making important business and life decisions, steering them in the direction of their authentic desire through providing clarity, focus and confidence in their choices. She doesn’t carry around a crystal ball!

Secondly, Trish was so clear about the vision she had for her new profile pictures, that I had absolute understanding about what her expectations were and whether I could deliver on them.

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Communicating with Your Photographer

Although most of us haven’t honed our intuition skills to the level that Trish has, there is one thing that she did VERY well, that you and I could most definitely manage. Communication. When you book your new headshot shoot with your photographer – Communicate, communicate, communicate! And then communicate some more.

Here’s why…

Have you ever gone to a hairdresser and uttered these words, “Oh I don’t know, do what you want/think is best.”? And then watched in horror as she charges her Weapons of Hair Destruction (WHD) and ferociously attacks your follicles.

No? Just me then. (I’m working with my current hairdresser to get me through the Post Traumatic Hair Syndrome (PTHS) from my past experiences.)

So the point is – decide on the precise result you’re expecting and make sure your photographer knows. Trish knew exactly what she had in mind for her photos and made sure that she communicated that clearly to me before the shoot.

Makeup and Your Photo Shoot

Makeup and photo shoot Abigail K PhotographySomething that comes up every time I photograph women is the topic of makeup, mostly because my shoots include the services of a professional makeup artist. 9 out of 10 women say that they want their makeup to look very natural for their photos. In the case of corporate headshots, I completely agree that makeup should be fairly similar to what you tend to wear on a day to day basis.

The difference however, is that makeup for photo shoots does need to be heavier than your usual look. The reason being, that the lighting from the shoot and the editing thereafter can wash out the intensity of the makeup and you run the risk of looking as if you have no makeup on at all. My clients are often a little surprised and uncertain when they see look in the mirror for the first time, but when they see their first few photos, they invariably relax and see that they do look like themselves. Of course for someone who wears no makeup at all on a day to day basis, if they are really uncomfortable, we dial the makeup back until they are.

Trish experienced this exact scenario. She felt that her makeup was too heavy as she doesn’t wear much of it during the day. Kristine did her magic and transformed Trish’s makeup to a level that she was comfortable and we continued on to create some beautiful images!

What’s key here is that Trish communicated with Kristine and I. She didn’t stay quiet out of politeness. That doesn’t serve anyone. I’ve had it before where clients have said that they are happy with the makeup and we’ve gone ahead with the shoot, only for them to contact me days later saying that actually they weren’t happy with their makeup. By that time it’s a much bigger logistical process to rectify.

Trish made a suggestion, which I thought was a great idea – to do a makeup trial before the shoot to get clarity on exactly what would be appropriate for the shoot and for the client’s comfort levels. So I’m taking that on board and encouraging my clients who are more conservative on the makeup front, to have a trial session with Kristine beforehand.

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Follow Your Gut

When the shoot is done and your photographer shouts “That’s a wrap!” this is where you need to tune into your intuition again. Timing is everything. Once you walk away from this point, your photographer is going to assume, and rightly so, that everything is hunky dory and you’re feeling good and happy with the shoot and your future images.

That’s why I always ask all of my clients at the end of their session, if they are happy and if they feel like we got everything they wanted. I’m not asking out of politeness, I’m asking because I really want to know and I want to rectify anything that needs rectifying, while we’re there and in the moment.

If you have even an inkling of doubt, don’t let a fear of conflict or hurting other’s feelings stand in the way of you getting the result you wanted. Trust your intuition and respect it enough to speak up.

As a result of having a clear vision, communicating it well and following her intuition, Trish landed up with some fabulous images to use on her new website. You can have a look at

To view more images from Trish’s shoot, visit the gallery.

Over to you

Have you ever ignored your intuition and landed up with a result that you knew wasn’t what you wanted? Have you ever kept quiet out of fear of conflict or awkwardness, only to realise that you should have just spoken up in the first place? Let me know in the comments below.

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