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Just over a week ago, Bridget, a past bride of mine, came into the studio for a beauty shoot. She is the first past bride I’ve done a beauty shoot for, so it was a lovely oCafinnate Academysion for me to reconnect and chat like we were old friends. Hearing how her life has changed since the wedding, and of course hearing that she still gets compliments on her wedding photos. Yay me!

Bridget has such a calm and zen-like nature. I told her I would be experimenting on her with a few techniques and ideas I had, and she was so chilled and game with it as she watched me construct and deconstruct my setups. I’m beyond thrilled with the results and I hope that she is too. Bridget, you’re truly stunning inwardly and outwardly. Quinton’s a lucky man!

Abigail K Photography-5248

Abigail K Photography-5327

Abigail K Photography-5523


Abigail K Photography-5620

Abigail K Photography-5419

Abigail K Photography-5567

Abigail K Photography-5652


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October 25, 2013

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