Beauty Shoot | Joan, Brenda & Gill



A little while ago, Brenda booked a shoot for herself, her mom and her sister. They enjoyed the morning of makeovers and laughter and after the shoot, went off to enjoy a lovely lunch together. They were so easy to photograph, being such friendly and open people. They told me about their families and their adventures and I remember Brenda telling me about her lovely grandmother. Between now and the shoot, they have unfortunately lost their Grandmother, and are obviously going through all the emotions that come with losing a loved one. Having lost my Grandad in October, I can totally relate. So this shoot is very special for me because it serves as yet another reminder that we need to spend time with those we love, we need to capture those memories in a tangible way and we need to make sure they know we love them.

Thinking of you all and your families….


Hair and makeup by Leanne Muller.

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December 17, 2013

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