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It was interesting shooting Joanne for this beauty shoot. Being a friend and fellow photographer, I have this perception of Joanne that she is so cool, calm and collected. When we first met, she was rather quiet, but as our friendship grew, her quirky, dry sense of humour began to show itself, much to my joy. My kinda girl, is Jo!

What was interesting about the shoot though, is that as photographer’s we aim to set our clients at ease and ensure that they look and feel beautiful in front of the lens. So you’d think that as photographers, this would come naturally when put on the other side of the camera. Apparently not. As photographers, we are just as insecure about being in front of the camera, and I suppose this is something that helps us with our clients, because we know exactly what they’re going through.

What I loved, was Jo sending me an email over the weekend, saying that her husband said she looked hot! Well then, my work here is done!

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  1. Emma Chadderton

    Beautiful! I especially love the ones where she is wearing a striped blouse!

    • silvia labuschagne

      woweee!!!! Absolutely ST-U-NING!!!!! I always thought Jo was beautiful but you have really taken it to a new level! gorgeous girl!

  2. Joanne Markland

    Thanks so much Abigail for the lovely pics and making me feel so at ease and for making me feel beautiful:-)
    Thank you Silvia 😉

  3. Sanet Wessels

    Definitely agree with your husband… Hot! Very cool, Joanne 🙂

  4. Shelley Lotter

    Caitlin said: “Mum, is that Jo!!!!!????? Your sister looks beeeauutiful!!!”


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April 23, 2013