Beauty Shoot | Letishia’s Mother-Daughter Shoot



I met Letishia at one of the many business networks I attend, not too long after arriving in Cape Town. On one particular evening at a cocktail event that I was photographing, I happened to get a pic of Letishia. I remember at that point thinking that I would LOVE to photograph her. Years have since passed, and as with most things in life, it’s all about the timing. After I started shooting these Beauty Shoots not too long ago, Letishia mentioned that she would love to have me photograph her. Queue the Yay!

So last month I had the honour of photographing Letishia, her amazingly beautiful daughter, Calla, and her exquisitely elegant mother, Adelaide. And OMG! Mind blown!

I did the preview with Letishia yesterday and there it was. That moment when she went teared eyed when she saw her own beautiful image staring back at her. To my surprise, she told me she was a little nervous about seeing the photos. Not sure whether her’s would be ‘enough’. Seriously. Letishia, you are beautiful inside and out. Don’t ever doubt that!

Thank you for an awesome girls morning, I hope you all enjoyed it and LOVE the photos as much as I do!


Hair & Makeup by The Exquisite Look

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  1. Joanne Markland

    These are soo lovely, the little girl is toooo cute


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June 6, 2013