Beauty Shoot | Marina


I had so much fun photographing Marina. She was bubbly. She was full of life. She got excited when I pulled out the tulle skirt! An ideal client to photograph!

What I really liked though, was that I got a sense that, through this beauty shoot, Marina was celebrating herself as a beautiful woman. She was taking time out to do as she pleased, to enjoy some alone time, being pampered, and she was happy with the idea of having some photos of herself, just for herself. No other reason, other than the fact that she wanted to. Wow, how liberating. I learn something new from each of the clients that I photograph, and Marina’s lesson to me was the importance of celebrating yourself.

Marina, you’re truly beautiful, inside and out. Thank you for the lesson.

Hair & Makeup by Leanne Muller.

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  1. Des Attwood

    Truly beautiful pics of a truly beautiful soul taken by a truly talented, truly gifted photographer!

    • Abigail

      Ah, Thank you Des!


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August 26, 2013