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The weekend before last, my BFF Nicola, came to Cape Town for a visit from Joburg. It had been over a year that we had last seen each other and I still can’t believe it’s been that long! It’s amazing how fast time flies and how much happens in a relatively short amount of time. We had loads of catching up to do, loads of silliness to execute and of course memories to make. I had scheduled a beauty shoot for the Monday that Nicola would fly back to Joburg and much to my glee, she agreed to get dolled up and be my second shoot of the day. I’m so glad she did because these images just blew me away.

I’ve wanted to start adding a bit more depth to my beauty shoots with a bit of foreground and background interest. That’s the beauty of shooting a friend – they let you test, experiment, see what works and what doesn’t. Well, this certainly did work and I will start using these in future beauty shoots as a result.

Tell me what you think….


Hair & Makeup by The Exquisite Look

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June 3, 2013


  1. Letishia Charles

    Nicola is a beauty! You have captured her so magnificently in these images, Abi! She should use them for her modelling portfolio!! 🙂

  2. Emma

    It’s great to see how your style is evolving… Some great images… and yes, she is stunning! My favourite is the last one… but I think that all of them are great in their own way!


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