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Pippa won this beauty shoot when I gave it away as a prize at a recent Nuptial Network breakfast, a business network that I founded for the wedding industry. She was there representing her business The Perfect Proposal, a business she started to help men plan the perfect proposals for their girlfriends.

Pippa’s infectious smile lit up in front of my lens and we had an absolute ball playing dress-up. I loved editing these and have been itching to share a few from the shoot! Pippa wanted to get a couple of corporate shots for her business as well as the more girly, dress up type. I think we managed to tick both of those boxes quite nicely!

Hair & makeup by Ceclia from  The Exquisite Look

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May 23, 2013


  1. Letishia

    So pretty! Awesome pictures, Abigail & Pippa! xxx

    • Abigail

      Ah, thanks Letishia! Can’t wait to photograph you!!

  2. Emma

    A fantastic shoot… Pippa looks awesome!!! Again, Great Job Abigail… I think that Pippa’s biggest challenge will be deciding which one to use where 😉


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