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This past weekend I was invited back to the royal palace of Pesto Princess to photograph their newest royal recruits.

I had done their first round of corporate headshots a number of weeks ago, and now that their brand spanking new website has gone live, I thought I’d share their headshots  here.

What I love about their headshots is that they put so much thought into the final look ahead of time. The brand personality really shines through. From the wardrobes, to the artwork, to the body language and the backdrop. It just oozes Pesto royalty. And what’s even better is that the entire Pesto Princess Family joins in. Each one of them completely belonging and throwing themselves into the royal shenanigans.

They say you can’t choose your family, but in this case, I think Pesto Princess has proven that you can.

Check out their fab business cards – So cute!

Pesto Princess

So go check out their awesome website, and hey, get your hands on some of their royal cuisine!

Hair and makeup by Zelda and Kirsti

Pesto Princess Team 2Pesto Princess Team 1 4Pesto Princess Team 2 Pesto Princess Team 6 Pesto Princess Team 5 Pesto Princess Team 3


  1. Robyn Young

    What a fabulous project and bunch of people to be involved with. Well done Abigail! The photos are fantastic.

    • Abigail

      Thank you Robyn, coming from you, that’s a massive compliment!


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August 12, 2014