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I first met Leozette through SA Weddings when she started attending my Nuptial Network. It didn’t dawn on me for ages though, that she was a staunch vegan, so I was completely thrilled when I made the realisation and she accepted my invitation to come into the studio with her little man Zeus. This is another of my favourites in my Couture Creatures series for the BWC


Abigail K Photography - Leozette and Zeus (1 of 1)

I asked Leozette to share a bit of her story…


The very first time I went vegan was during my PR honours degree in 2010. We were instructed to write an article on “My first” experience and, while the rest of my classmates decided on some sort of adrenalin activity, I opted for something culinary… I wrote an article on my first vegan experience.

This was a once-off challenge though and straight after, I went back to my meat-eating ways. It was only after watching the gruesome documentary Earthlings in June of 2012 that I transformed to being a fulltime Pescatarian (eating no meat or chicken, but still including fish, eggs and diary into my diet).

On the 1st of January this year I gave up all animal-related food products while taking part in the Veganuary challenge – it is a vegan awareness campaign in which participants support veganism for the month of January. During this time I got completely hooked on living a vegan lifestyle. I have never felt so healthy and energised and I absolutely adored getting creative in the kitchen when trying different, cruelty-free recipes. I also realised what the meat, fish and diary-production industries are doing to our animals, our planet and our health and I was utterly disgusted. I started a vegan blog called CT Veganista to share my vegan experience with those who wonder what I eat every day and I am pleasantly surprized with the amount of lives I have positively influenced thus far. Being vegan is really not hard if you have a heart and a thirst for knowledge. It has been 7 months and I can honestly say that I love every day of it.


Meet handsome boy Zeus: an eight-month old Staffie who tail-wagged his way into my heart late last year. Zeus brings utter joy to our household. He has the most lovable, playful and kind-hearted personality – not to mention that he is crazy cute! Everyone who meets Zeus becomes smitten with his sweet soul and plenty a time they try to take him home. There is never a dull moment with him around – he is energetic and entertaining and if you pick up his ball, there is no getting out of a playtime session. My biggest wish is that he would realize he is not the size of my Doberman pincher, Bella, as this snuggler fully believes he fits on my lap and my shoulders. Even though he is a little bit mischievous and a little bit cheeky, Zeus gets away with everything when he starts handing out slobbering face-kisses.


Leozette was dressed in a Molteno Creations original and hair and makeup by Sherilee

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  1. Seb

    Sooo pretty! Zeus looks like quite a badass too


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July 31, 2014