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Last week I photographed Luan and her amazing kitty, Angus. Such an adorable little boy, so full of character and confidence.
Luan and Angus 7

I asked Luan to share a bit of Angus’ story…


“I found him and his siblings at an abandoned factory living in dangerous conditions.  They were feral and terrified of people. I couldn’t let them be put down so trapped them and took them in to try to tame them. I had been warned that taming older feral kittens could take a long time but within 24 hours Angus fell into my hands and decided to love me.  I was absolutely besotted with this brave, loving little character! 2 days later his brother Oliver did the same and we realised we now had 2 new little people in our family. Their sisters took weeks to relax around people but they did and were adopted together by a loving family. Angus and Oliver are inseparable playmates – a true Calvin and Hobbs : )”

African Vegan Outreach organisation

Luan is one of the founding members of the African Vegan Outreach organisation. She explains more…

“AVO was founded by Adien Aggenbach together with my husband Jacques and I. It started independently but we then included it under the scope of BWC. The three of us felt there was a gap where no organisation was actively engaging the person on the street about what was happening to animals used and killed for food. We felt compelled to do something to reduce the suffering.  The wonderful part of doing outreach specific to use of animals in food is that it is the most effective change any of us can make for this world. It is just a matter of changing what we put in our bodies 3 times a day. It costs nothing, spares lives, has significant health and environmental benefits and is within reach for any of us to do.   People deserve and need to know where their food is coming from and what their choices mean for the animals.
We do outreach at local markets, book fairs, eco expo’s, as well as handing out pamphlets wherever we have the opportunity. We have met so many wonderful people who are grateful to find people who feel the same way as they do. Many are looking for support in living more compassionately. The network of vegetarians and vegans is growing steadily in CTown as a result, and actually all around the country since AVO also does events in other cities where volunteers are willing to assist. It really is very rewarding. We encourage people to do the best they can rather than insist that people have an all or nothing approach. Every bit helps. We often take food samples with for people to taste and they are always surprised by how delicious the food or baked goods are.”
If you’re interested in joining the vegan community, visit the AVO Facebook group.
Luan is wearing a dress by Molteno Creations and her hair and makeup was by Kristine.

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July 15, 2014