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Last week I photographed Rose with her favourite furry friend, Dodger, as part of my Couture Creatures project. I asked her to share the story of why she became a vegetarian and how Dodger became her furkid.


Why am I a veggie?


I had felt the urge to be vegetarian for many years before I actually committed to it. The only thing that held me back was the popular opinion that it would make eating a balanced diet some sort of impossible nightmare. Once I made the decision, however, I soon discovered that this could not be further from the truth.
There are many reasons for my choice.
  1. I feel like it is the healthier option for my body which¬†doesn’t digest meat easily.
  2. It’s to avoid consuming all the hormones that are pumped into animals in modern farming.
  3. I have read that due to the long time it takes our body to digest meat, it is actually something that reduces your energy rather than increases it.
  4. But my main reason for my choice is that I disagree with modern farming methods. I find the way that animals are farmed these days deplorable at best, from both an animal cruelty perspective and an environmental stand point.

About Dodger


My Dodger is the number one man in my life! This gorgeous cat found his way to me already full grown but we bonded instantly and I don’t believe he has ever been quite so pampered. This loving animal has a few unique quirks that I accommodate, such as his refusal to drink any water that is not running from an open tap, and his insistence on sleeping in a specific position underneath the duvet with me in winter. His perks are that if I over sleep in the morning he wakes me up by standing over me and licking my nose until I am fully alert.
My life would be unbearable without my furry friends so I was blessed to have had the opportunity for Abigail to capture us together!


Hair & Makeup: Kristine Adams

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July 19, 2014