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This is an important blog post. Well, important photoshoot, really.

Because it represents what each of us girls should do for ourselves at least once a year. But not just on any ol’ day of the year. That one day, where it’s all about you!

If you’re anything like me, you use that one day to get your way, to bring out just a smidgen of the brat-factor, just because you know that on that particular day, you can get away with it by flashing your proverbial ‘get out of jail free’ card. All because, it’s your birthday!

What would you give yourself for your birthday?

Yup, this beautiful photo shoot for Kristine happened on the morning of her ’30-somethingth’ birthday.

She had wanted to do something pretty and creative, with only one real requirement – that she could use a couple of them for her new website which is in development.

The rest was a dash of ‘let’s see what happens’ and a smattering of ‘Look what I found in the back of my cupboard’.

I love the result, Kristine is just such a natural beauty, even without the makeup. And through this shoot, she has reminded me of what it is to treat ourselves and celebrate another birthday with style.

Hmmm…this gets me thinking… I should probably be booking my own birthday shoot. I happen to have a biggy coming up in the next couple of weeks…

Thank you Kristine.

PS. Kristine did her own hair and makeup, ‘cos that’s what she does.

Kristine - Abigail K Photography 2 Kristine - Abigail K Photography 4 Kristine - Abigail K Photography 12 Kristine - Abigail K Photography 17 Kristine - Abigail K Photography 10

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  1. Michelle

    Absolutely gorgeous


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September 5, 2014