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I’ve been holding back so much exciting about blogging this session. When Lisa first told me about the looks she wanted for the shoot that she had won with me through the Becoming You blog competition, I was smitten!

Looking at the final result, I’m sure you’ll agree that Lisa is a stunning girl, but not only that, she has a lot of personality! And that more than anything is what I loved about photographing her.

Lisa did 4 things very well, that ensured that she was going to get a fantastic collection of images, and I thought I’d share them here, in case you were looking to book your own Makeover Portrait Session


4 Things that YOU can do to improve your OWN portrait session!Abigail K Photography - 4 tips for better portraits


1. Lisa was very clear about the looks she was going for. I asked her to give me an idea of the different themes she would like for her portrait session, and like a very clever girl, she took to Pinterest to create boards of the looks she was after. This meant that we were all on the same page and we knew what the end goal for the shoot was.

2. Lisa let her personality shine through in her theme, wardrobe and makeup choice. She has a penchant for all things vintage/quirky, and her different looks completely tied in with those interests, so  much so, that the resulting images epitomise her personality.

3. Lisa let herself go outside of her comfort zone. Even though Lisa’s personality is quirky and cute, she was very aware of being in front of the camera, which can often inhibit all those awesome personality traits. Lisa completely embraced her initial nervousness, and I could see that she pushed herself to make the most of a situation that she would otherwise find herself in. As she said during the shoot – “How often do you get to have a professional photoshoot, right?”

4. Lisa thought about what her husband would like. The final look of the shoot really pushed Lisa outside her boundaries of comfort, but she had considered what her husband would like, and wanted to do a look specifically for him. As a mom to two young kids, I’m sure that looking hot and feeling fabulous is somewhere on the lowest part of her daily to-do lists. So with that gung-ho attitude of hers, she forged on to get the pics that she knew her hubby would love.

So well done, Lisa! You did an amazing job in the preparation for and execution of your makeover shoot!


Abigail K Photography - Lisa 2Abigail K Photography - Lisa 4Abigail K Photography - Lisa 5Abigail K Photography - Lisa 6

Abigail was there every step of the way to make me feel comfortable – guiding me in each detail,

angle and pose to bring about the best ‘me’.

Abigail K Photography - Lisa 7Abigail K Photography - Lisa 10Abigail K Photography - Lisa 14

It really was a dream come true and the ultimate experience in feeling gorgeous.

Abigail K Photography - Lisa 12 Abigail K Photography - Lisa 13

Read what Lisa shared about her experience on the Becoming You blog.

If you love these images feel free to share this post, or hey, why not treat yourself to your own makeover shoot?



  1. Sheila Taylor

    Amazing photos Abigail, you have really captured the very essence of Lisa’s natural beauty!

    • Abigail

      Ah, thank you so much for the compliment Sheila!

  2. Maria da Silva

    Very nice pictures! Would like to do one day.

  3. Desiree Whitehead

    I last saw Lisa when she was about five years old. What a beautiful young women
    Stunning photos.I have a few photos of her when she was little. I can still see the little Lisa in the photos.

    • Abigail

      Thank you Desiree!


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August 18, 2014