Personal Brand Shoot | Frieda Levycky | Braving Boundaries

Client: Frieda Levycky | Legal Professional Coach
Type of Shoot: Personal Branding
Shoot Location: Noordhoek Beach, , Cape Town

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The whole journey with Abigail has been so wonderful. I never thought I would be able to feel that relaxed in front of the camera (whether on video or on photo) and that is a testament to Abigail (and Shannyn with her beautiful make-up). The brand photos and the video are gorgeous (even if I do say so myself)! Abigail has this incredible way of putting people at ease and it also helps to know that she has walked the same walk, and is still facing her own business challenges. It just makes her very relatable and allows others to show up and be vulnerable around her. I cannot recommend Abigail enough! Such a great experience!

Frieda Levycky

Legal Professional Coach, Braving Boundaries

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