Personal Brand Shoot | Yvette Hess

Client: Yvette Hess | Artist
Type of Shoot: Personal Branding
Shoot Location: Studio & Hout Bay, Cape Town

Abigail brought me home to myself. She managed to create a safe, fun space in all the locations, in all the details, in every moment, for me to be my true self. It takes more than expert to do that- it takes heart and love and courage. Abigail has a way of taking all your insecurities, acknowledging them but making space for the incredible woman you are inside to shine. She knows how to bring it out almost effortlessly. Veterans of this know though, that a talent like this comes from years of experience and being very intimate with one’s own journey and experiences. She is that mirror that cheers you on, shows you the version of you, you often forget or neglect. And she’s capturing every glimpse of magic as you start to see yourself! Thank you Abigail for bringing me, me.

Yvette Hess

Artist, Yvette Hess Creative Studio

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