Personal Branding | Marike Tromp | BSR010

Client: Marike Tromp, Body Stress Release
Type of Shoot: Personal Branding
Shoot Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Abigail is a fantastic photographer whom I got in contact with through a dear friend from Cape Town.
I needed photos for my website, I had looked into some local photographers, but when Abigail crossed my path (virtually, through Facebook), I knew I had found someone I could trust and be at ease with.
April 2018 she was traveling to the UK and The Netherlands and was planning to stay in Rotterdam for a few days, so we could easily schedule a shoot. Before I made my definite decision to work with Abigail we had a Skype meeting so we could discuss what I wanted en needed. She was very thorough in her questioning and sent a list of what we discussed afterwards, se we were both sure we were on the same page. Because of the Skype meeting and email contact we had beforehand the real life meeting in Rotterdam went easy and smooth. Abigail has this natural ability to make you feel relaxed in front of the camera, even if you’re not.
I am very happy I got to meet her and most importantly… I love the photos she took.

Marike TRomp

Body Stress Release Practitioner, BSR010

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