So yesterday was a public holiday in SA! Hands up those who like  love public holidays!

As well as being Heritage Day, it was also National Braai Day. Now as you can imagine, being vegetarian has it’s limitations when it comes to having braais. So instead of sitting around sniffing other people’s yummy chargrilled lunch, we went off to explore.

My hubby doesn’t often get the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery we have on our doorstep. With working a 7-4ish job, Monday to Friday and sometimes weekends, when we get a public holiday, we try our damndest to ‘public-holiday’ proper!¬†Getting out the house is a pre-requisite and we have to be willing to see where the road leads us.

So yesterday we headed off to the Southern Peninsula before heading back to the V&A for sundowners.

Our initial plans were thwarted by horrendous traffic jams trailing from St James to Kalk Bay, so at the last minute we abandoned the car in the closest spot we could find and set out on foot to explore.

So here’s a little of what we got up to…