This is the 4th of 4 videos where I’ll be talking about Reframing to Build Confidence.

How to Reframe Criticism to Build Confidence

When we’re on the receiving end of criticism, it can hurt. We take it personally, believing that what the person said was true and that there’s something wrong with us, and then our confidence takes a dive. Usually that’s how most of us respond to criticism. First of all, its important to understand that most criticism that’s dished out willy-nilly usually has more to do with the person doing the dishing, rather than the person on the receiving end. So try to remember that before you take it personally.

Whether it’s full blown negative criticism or just constructive criticism, with a simple reframing in your mind of that feedback, you can change the interaction from a painful, damaging experience to an encouraging and positive one.

Firstly, choose to see criticism as a fluid entity that flows in and flows out. Whatever was said to you, doesn’t have to take up residence in your mind or your heart. Just let it flow in and then flow out, don’t hold on to it.

Secondly, reframe the sentiment of what was said into a learning opportunity. Bearing in mind what I said earlier about it being more about the other person than about you, but also looking to see if there is anything in there that feels true. If you do find something, then look at that feedback as a learning opportunity to help you grow into a better version of yourself. You might even go so far as to thank the person for helping you see something about yourself that you can work on improving.

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