It’s ridiculous that I’m only blogging this photo shoot now! How have the past few months gone by so quickly? (1 month away from Christmas, what!?)

To be honest, I think that it was my excitement that got the better of me!

Excited by these remote photoshoots!

Earlier this year Caroline booked a personal branding shoot with me and soon after we’d met up for a chat at a coffee shop (remember what that’s like?), the COVID chaos struck, I moved to the platteland, and our plans for the personal brand shoot got put on hold…. for months!

By this time I’d already figured out a way to do remote photo shoots, given that I was now living rather… remotely, and that lockdown had scuppered my in-person photo shoot schedule. Having tested it with my friend Tracy in New York, I put the word out, got lots of interest and fascinated inquiries, booked a few shoots with corporate teams who had offices all around the world, and then I asked Caroline if she wanted to give it a go as an interim measure until we get her actual photo shoot done.

Thankfully she said yes! ‘cos we got to have a lot of fun creating these photos together.

Caroline roped her daughter in to help her with the shoot (she held the phone, followed my composition instructions and relayed my posing instructions to Caroline).

It was a glorious day in Gordon’s Bay that day, so while I sat on my porch sipping a coffee in Oudtshoorn, Caroline and her daughter headed down to the beach to get some of that big blue sky and sunshine magic!

The Professional Touch

Once our 30 minute session came to an end, Caroline went through all the photos on her phone and sent me her favourites which I then touched up and edited. Giving it just that little extra bit of a progfessional touch. So as well as the guidance in terms of pre-shoot preparation, posing and composition direction, I also add in the post-production aspect, just like I would if it were an in-person photo shoot.

So although the photos come from Caroline’s phone camera, and not my progfessional gear, we still landed up with some gorgeous images that Caroline could use to update her new website. Just take a look at how she’s used them over on her homepage at and on her LinkedIn profile here.

Easy, convenient, comfortable photo shoots from your home, anywhere in the world!

What strikes me most about these kinds of headshot photo shoots, is how easy and convenient they are. From the comfort of your home, you can get your headshots updated at a fraction of the cost of an in-person photo shoot.

We can organise a professional makeup artist and hair stylist in your local area if you want that extra bit of refining, but overall the convenience factor and cost-saving makes this a no-brainer and means that you could have new professional photos updated every season – Summer, Spring, Winter and Fall!

And NOW, what I’m even more excited about is that I’ve figured out how to offer these same remote photoshoots to Android phone users!

Yup! You can join the fun too!


Now there’s REALLY no excuse for having an out of date headshot profile picture!