We’re going to assume you’re actually creating valuable content, for free that informs, educates and/or entertains. If you’re repeatedly sharing a spammy sales post, then none of what I’m going to share next applies to you and you should simply just stop sharing all together.

I’m talking to the business owners who are wanting to build meaningful relationships with their audience, to grow their authority and their personal brand and to genuinely help their audience, with the understanding that if they provide lots of free value up front, a portion of their audience will reach out to work with them directly.



What is repurposing?

Repurposing is the process of re-packaging and re-sharing a long-form piece of content you’ve created into smaller bite-sized content that can be shared to link back to the original piece.

For example, if you’ve created a great YouTube video, or you’ve done a Facebook live video and packed it with valuable explanations and 5 great tips to help your audience solve a very real problem, then you could repurpose that video into different smaller sized pieces of content:

  1. transcribe the video and create a written blog post while embedding the video in the blog post
  2. create smaller clips of each of the 5 tips and share to facebook
  3. grab short quotes from the video and create a graphic of the quote to share on Instagram

In this way, you’ve taken one core piece of valuable content which lives on your blog and you’ve also chunked it down into smaller pieces which you can share on social media with links back to the blog post. You can then use a scheduling tool to re-share those smaller content pieces 1 month, 3 months, 6  month, 9 month and 12 months line.

Repurposing makes sure what you create gets the coverage it deserves, so it’s 100% worth making the effort of adding this step to your content plan process.

For more information about the Steps for Content Creation read this: The 5 step system for content creation for personal brand confidence.

With that cleared up, let’s dive into the 3 fears that stop solopreneurs from repurposing their content…

Fear: I’ve already shared this, people will know

It’s totally ok if people know you’ve already shared a particular piece of content. Repetition is how humans learn. Think of when you were a small child. You had to hear words being spoken over and over again before you were able to speak. You had to repeat your multiplication tables over and over until you were able to multiply numbers in your head. Repetition is the mother of all learning, so you repeating your valuable information that helps people simply means that you’re helping your audience learn faster. You’re doing them a favour by repeatedly sharing your well written, well created content.

In the process, by repeatedly sharing your valuable content, you’re clarifying your message and solidifying your reputation and authority as an expert who’s dependable, knowledgeable and generous with their service. You’re clarifying the core message of your personal brand. So it’s GOOD that you re-share your content.


Fear: I’ll annoy people

People lurk but they don’t always take action.

“Long time listener, first time caller.”

Words shared frequently by callers into radio stations, which speaks to this point. People are watching, listening, reading what you’re sharing, but they’re not actually taking action. So you re-sharing your post could be the reminder they need to get on and do the thing you’re sharing in the post. For that reminder, they’ll probably be grateful more than they’ll be annoyed. That, factored with the algorithms and volume of noise in the online space means that what you’re sharing is actually being seen by fewer people than you realise. Beside your mom and your aunt who like every single post you publish, the majority of your audience won’t know that you’ve shared a particular post several times.

Fear: If I’m not sharing new content all the time, they’ll think I’m a fraud

It’s totally ok if you’re not creating and sharing new content all the time. In fact, if you’re creating and sharing content that’s really helpful, informative and entertaining, they’ll likely be grateful that you shared it again, for the reminder. The fact that you’re re-sharing your own valuable content speaks more to value your content, rather than you not having ‘enough’ content to share. Whatever ‘enough’ is.

Remember, when it comes to the content you create, quality always trumps quantity. Every. Single. Time. So by making sure you’re creating quality content all the time, you’re ensuring that the content is worthy of being re-shared. Even better if the content isn’t time sensitive because that quality piece of content then becomes a cornerstone piece of content – it becomes evergreen, in that the information it contains, never goes stale or out of date.

How to repurpose content

So now that you know the 3 fears that stop most solopreneurs from repurposing their content, now you can do something about it!

Step 1: Acknowledge which of these fears have held you back. Awareness is the first step for any kind of positive change.

Step 2: Start creating some information rich, valuable long-form content pieces, whether its a live video, recorded video, a podcast audio clip or a written blog post

Step 3: Chunk your long form post into smaller bite-sized posts to share on social media and link back to the original piece of content

Step 4: Schedule those smaller posts into your scheduling tool to repeat over several months or forever if the content you’re sharing won’t date.

Let me know how this goes for you, and feel free to share links to your valuable content below. I’d love to see what you’re creating!