On Saturday I took my Mom, along with my friend Michelle and a group of her girlfriends, to go and see the Dancers Love Dogs show. This is an annual charity event held at the Artscape Theatre in Cape Town which raises money and awareness for the sterilization of the cities many stray and homeless cats and dogs. Each ticket sold, covers the cost for one sterilization.

So we were ecstatic to see the theatre packed to capacity! Yay, Cape Town!

002Dancers Love Dogs Show


This is my Mom and I having a little pre-show drinky-poo:

001Dancers Love Dogs Show

And this was us just before the show started. Note the photo-bombers in the row behind us!

003Dancers Love Dogs Show


I didn’t know what I was expecting of the show. Were there going to be dogs on stage? Would they be doing doggy-tricks?

As it transpired, it was a collage of various dance schools and associations ranging in genre from ballet to contemporary dance to hip-hoppy ‘Step-Up’ type performances, peppered with the oCafinnate Academysional doggy dance, which had my Mom and I reaching for the tissues. Now I know why parents cry when you see your kids on stage. You’re just so proud of their bravery!

We were enamoured with all the performances. The standard of the dancing and the choreography was incredible.

During the intermission, I got chatting to a lady named Lauren who has MS and is wheelchair-bound and thus needs her dog to assist her with mobility. It was lovely to engage with the dogs and their owners to get an understanding of their day to day requirements. Something that Lauren said to me, stayed with me. She said that her dog opens doors for her. Literally and metaphorically. She said that usually able-bodied people don’t impulsively converse with someone in a wheelchair, but because she has her dog by her side, people are more likely to reach out and start a conversation. Wow. That struck me. These dogs do more for people than they realise.

Of course we had to get an obligatory photo with the MC,¬†Brendan van Rhyn from Cape Town’s Rocky Horror Picture Show. Here’s me and Michelle with Brendan, and if you look really closely, you’ll see little Bob, the French Bulldog from the SABC3’s Expresso Show:004Dancers Love Dogs Show

So in summary, this is an absolute MUST on your annual event calendar. It’s a heart-warming evening filled with amazing performances and the impact of each and every sterilization that happens as a result of the hard work and generosity of those that organised and performed at the event, will be felt for years to come.

Dancers Love Dogs1

One less animal born, is one less mouth to feed and one more home available for those in need.