I can’t believe it’s been nearly 4 years since I went to Paris for the first time.

This singular trip has had a profound impact on my life and business. At the time I knew it would, but now reflecting back, I really had no idea about the extent of it!

Not only has my business exploded into a direction that I didn’t even know was possible at the time, but my mind and confidence have expanded exponentially!!

It’s only now that I’m writing this that it’s actually sinking in…the difference between ‘4 years ago’ me and ‘present day’ me. I read her posts and look at her with an almost maternal endearment, “There-there, you sweet girl. Yes, you’re doing so well, I’m so proud of you and your naive enthusiasm.”

Just look at this post in wrote in 2013 as part of my first 365 Day Challenge…

It’s so adorable! And almost spooky!

Because just over 2 years later, I wrote this blog post…

Then my life changed…

In the whirlwind that took over my life and business since returning from Paris – which happens when you have a major identity shift – I’d completely forgotten to post any photos of Paris on my blog. I was looking for them recently and discovered I’d only ever shared them on my Facebook page… hence this blog post (scroll all the way down if you wanna skip straight to them photies of beautiful Paris!)

While I was sorting through the photos to upload, I truly got to reflect on how much has changed since then.

In 2016 I had written this ‘Note to My Future Self’ while I was sat at the airport on my way to Paris, and it’s fascinating to me. It’s like I’m living in a time warp. If that past version of me was writing to her future self, that would mean that she’s writing to me now. Or is she writing past me? It’s really rather trippy to read the thoughts of my past self and the commitments she made. And I can mostly certainly confirm for her that shit really DID change. For instance, in that post I’d shared that I hadn’t left South Africa in 6 years. Since this trip to Paris, I’ve been to the UK 3 times, The Netherlands 3 times, Germany once and Singapore! (And Ethiopia if we count that 18 hour layover last year! Lol!)

When I got back from Paris,  I gave talks about the whole experience at various networking events – how it came about, but also the amazing serendipities that had occurred during the trip!

I don’t think I’ve never shared them here on the blog, so let’s do just that…

Coincidence? Or Magic Manifestation?

By the time I’d actually arrived in Paris, I’d already experienced so many synchronicities which I’d described in an earlier post, so I was already on a natural high! My husband and I spent a magical week living like locals in the most Parisian AirBnB right in the center by the Notre Dam. We walked the cobbled streets, ate cheese crepes and French Onion Soup, drank wine, watched street performers and walked the distance of a half marathon each day, at least it felt like that!

We truly soaked up the atmosphere – it was magical, as you’ll see in the photos below…

Then it came to the photography workshop that I was there to do, and that’s when I had this HUGE ‘A-HA!’ moment. On the first day of the workshop, we photographed 10 different models in 10 different rooms around a beautiful chateau. The entire day literally went past in the snap of a shutter button. Day Two was a classroom setup where Sue Bryce was talking to us about business, mindset and visualisation.

And just then… that’s when I had my moment! The tears flooded from my face at the enormity of my realisation…

As she was talking about the power of visualisation and the role it had played in her global success, I opened up my laptop and looked at my vision board, which had been my laptop wallpaper for the previous 3 years…

This is what it looked like…

I gulped and sobbed when I realised that in the last week, 2 specific images had literally manifested….

I KNOW RIGHT?! The image on the right – my husband had captured of me in front of the Eiffel Tower. And get this – this blonde model, Katie… the one that was on my vision board – a friend of Sue Bryce’s – who’s picture I’d been carrying around with me for 3 years because I wanted to create portraits like that… she was one of the models from the day before and I got to photograph her… and my portrait looked eerily similar to Sue’s! And…wait for it…. at that exact moment while I realised I’d recreated these two photo’s from my vision board – I was SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO KATIE!


So while the rest of the class scrambled to look at my vision board while I wiped away the snot, I knew then that my life would never be the same, because I had experienced so many ‘happy accidents’ – too many in fact for them to be coincidental.

And so the roadmap unfolded…

As I shared my journey at networking events over the following few weeks after my return, I was approached by Alison and Melanie who had been in one of the audiences, who told me that they’d experienced similar eerie coincidences that same year – Melanie while writing her book and Alison while visiting Thailand.

Over a cup of coffee we compared notes and it seemed that we’d each unknowingly been following a sort of roadmap. A roadmap that took us from a simple idea, to the manifestation of actual experiences. We’ve since explored and clarified that roadmap, and now we share the exact step by step process in what we’re calling, The Odyssey Code. You can watch a free mini-masterclass here if you want a quick taster…

And I’d highly recommend you signing up to the 7 week program we’re starting on 20th February. Especially if this is the year that you’re FINALLY going to make the changes you know you’re destined for in 2020.

So tell me, while you scroll through the beautiful pictures of Paris, give some thought to that dream you’ve carried around with you for years. Imagine what it would be like if it actually came true. When I work with my Personal Branding clients, I always guide them to think about their future self, their future business, their future life, and how the photos we create now, connect to that vision.

  • If there were NO OBSTACLES, NO LIMITATIONS, what would you make happen?
  • What would you like to manifest in your one precious life?
  • What dream would be worth believing in magic?


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