I was listening to a podcast this morning, as I always do as part of my morning routine. It’s a routine I’ve practiced for more than a year now, if not longer, and I find that it helps me start my day on a solid footing – inspiring and motivating me to show up as my best self for the day. It gives me focus and a feeling of calm certainty that the day is going to be a good one.

The topic of this podcast in particular was How to Reprogram your Subconscious Mind for Automatic & Lasting High Performance and was hosted on the Mind Your Business Podcast by James Wedmore. I’ve mentioned this podcast before – one of my favorites, go check it out!

I learned some interesting facts about NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming, and in particular the important role that identity plays in whether we successfully change our habits or not. This point struck a chord for me personally, because lately the concept of self-identity has been coming up a lot and I’ve identified quite independently through my own experience that identity is a crucial factor in our process of changing our thoughts and behaviors and ultimately the results we enjoy.

Answer these 3 Confidence Identity Questions:

  • Who would you be…?
  • What would you do…?
  • How would you feel…?

…if you were already the most confident version of yourself?

The point of asking these questions is to help you see things as you want them to be not as they are, because this reinforces the identity that you’re currently resonating with. Apparently, the subconscious mind cannot distinguish between real and imagined feelings, so if you imagine your desired feelings, that’s what forms the basis of your identity in your subconscious mind. Makes sense, right?

Essentially, your self-identity drives your state of being, and your state of being drives your identity. So if you choose with conviction how you speak and think to align with what you desire for yourself, then you can essentially speak and think yourself into existence.

Deep stuff, I know. 

You’ve heard that saying before – “what you focus on grows.” or “You are where your attention is.”

Have you ever thought about what that means?

We do what we are and we are what we do.

You’ve undoubtedly had those days where you wake up on the grumpy side of bed and in your sleepy state you stub your toe on the way to the bathroom where your toothpaste falls off your toothbrush into the basin before you grab your cup of coffee that spills all over your shirt. Then the more you focus on these annoying incidents, the worse your day gets. Sure it could be coincidence, but how can so many ‘bad’ things happen in one day?

And the reverse is true too – you start your day on a happy note, you notice the sun is shining, all the traffic lights are green on your way to work, and when you get to your desk, you have a fresh bunch of flowers waiting for you…and before you know it, you’re thinking how you’re so lucky to be having such an amazing day!

That’s what this all means.

If you spend more time and energy being, doing and feeling the things that the most confident version of you would, then it stands to reason that you’re aligning your current state to a more desirable, confident state.

I believe this is why affirmations and visualizations work – because you’re using them as tools to help you tap into the thoughts, actions and feelings of what you desire for yourself.

I find that if I’m feeling anxious or fearful, or unsettled in a way that I know isn’t serving me well, I tap into those desired thoughts and feelings by repeating my affirmations, by listening to guided visualizations or by tuning into a podcast that shifts the gear in my brain onto concepts and ideas that are more uplifting and constructive. It shifts my focus and then has the ripple effect of changing how I feel. And when I change how I feel, I perceive myself differently. It works every time.

Mind, Body, Soul Confidence Guided Visualization Bundle

So if you want to shift your identity from someone who lacks self-esteem, to someone who embodies confidence, then you need to tap into being, doing and feeling the way that your confident self would.

That’s why I’ve created 3 guided visualizations for Confidence – Mind Confidence, Body Confidence and Soul Confidence. If you’d like a resource that you can tap into on a daily basis, that you can have with you at any time of day to help you be, do and feel more confident, then these audio tracks can be just that. Take 10 – 15 minutes to shift your focus, change your feeling, and create a new confident identity. The more you do it, the more you’ll become it.

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