On The Personal Side …

I pursue happiness. By choice.

I’m a bunny-hugger who’s recently turned vegan after 12 years of a vegetarian lifestyle.

I’m an over-ripe teenager with a vivid imagination and a naughty laugh. I view life as an ongoing learning journey, consciously choosing to think happy thoughts & consuming books of the personal development persuasion.

I’ll die an optimist. I’m easily distrac…oh look – clouds! When I’m in my own space, I’m slightly loud and extrovert. But put me in the middle of a crowd on my own & I’ll quietly observe & analyze.

I choose to follow my bliss and hope to encourage others to do the same.

 I have two main personalities – the productive one and the creative one. It’s a never ending battle.

Speaking of different personalities…


Abigail K Team (5 of 9)

THE WIFE tells everyone when it’s time to turn off computers & spend quality time with the husband

Abigail K Team (2 of 9)

THE PHOTOGRAPHER. The creative one & the reason the others are here. Pretty much self explanatory.

Abigail K Team (7 of 9)

THE BOSS. Sometimes tough, but sets the vision & goals & sets plans in action.

Abigail K Team (8 of 9)

THE BOOKKEEPER is the one sending out the invoices and keeping track of all the spending.

Abigail K Team (9 of 9)

THE GEEK is the one obsessing over apps, plugins, forums, and maintaining this website

Abigail K Team (3 of 9)

THE CLIENT LIAISON answers emails, takes and makes calls and manages all communication.

Abigail K Team (1 of 1)

THE MARKETER keeps the blog & social profiles up to date while constantly refining the brand.

Abigail K Team (6 of 9)

THE COURIER ensures that all disks, albums and other goodies get sent to clients on time.