On The Personal Side …

I pursue happiness. By choice. With my left-brained hubby.

I’m a stargazing, universe contemplating, tree-hugging, animal-adoring, over-40, vegan, forest nymph.

I’m an over-ripe teenager with a vivid imagination and 80’s dance moves. I view life as an ongoing learning journey, consciously choosing happy thoughts & consuming books of the personal development persuasion.

I’ll die an optimist. I’m easily distrac…oh look – clouds! When I’m in my own space, I’m slightly loud and extrovert. But put me in the middle of a crowd on my own & I’ll quietly observe & analyze.

I choose to follow my bliss and hope to encourage others to do the same…


Why do you need to know this?

The truth is – You don’t!

But what you do need to know is that everything I’ve learned, gained and experienced in my own journey of confidence is a tool I use to help you with yours!

Photography is far more than just the technical aspects. Yes, those are important – I’ve got to know my f-stop from my shutter speed, I’ve got to know lighting and posing and all those things – which I do… and well, I might add. But portrait photography is one big dynamic multi-task. As well as honing my technical skills all these years, I’ve also honed my natural people skills, so that I can multi-task with my eyes closed (well, at least one!) and ensure that you’re at ease, you’re having fun, and your camera shyness evaporates without you even noticing…

 I have two main personalities – the productive one and the creative one. It’s a never ending battle.

Speaking of different personalities…


Abigail K Team (5 of 9)

THE WIFE tells everyone when it’s time to turn off computers & spend quality time with the husband

Abigail K Team (2 of 9)

THE PHOTOGRAPHER. The creative one & the reason the others are here. Pretty much self explanatory.

Abigail K Team (7 of 9)

THE BOSS. Sometimes tough, but sets the vision & goals & sets plans in action.

Abigail K Team (8 of 9)

THE BOOKKEEPER is the one sending out the invoices and keeping track of all the spending.

Abigail K Team (9 of 9)

THE GEEK is the one obsessing over apps, plugins, forums, and maintaining this website

Abigail K Team (3 of 9)

THE CLIENT LIAISON answers emails, takes and makes calls and manages all communication.

Abigail K Team (1 of 1)

THE MARKETER keeps the blog & social profiles up to date while constantly refining the brand.

Abigail K Team (6 of 9)

THE COURIER ensures that all disks, albums and other goodies get sent to clients on time.

Official Bio:


Abigail K, aka The Confidence Crusader, has been helping female freelancers, solopreneur creatives and impact makers reignite and expand their confidence for the past 5 years, after starting her career as a professional photographer back in 2007. In 2015, what started as ‘just another photography package’, Abigail felt called to exclusively focus on women’s portraits which soon expanded into an online academy when she realised the depth of her client’s confidence concerns. Now, together with her photography and the Cafinnate Academy, Abigail is transforming the lives and businesses of her fellow entrepreneurs, helping them build their confidence from the outside in, and the inside out.