Building a Personal Brand takes intention, clarity, confidence & commitment.


Cultivating connection, clarity and confidence allows you to create the impact in the world you were born to make in a way that aligns with your personal gifts and the desires of the people you’re meant to serve.

All YOU have to bring is the intention and the commitment. Together we’ll make personal branding magic!

There’s someone out there right now who’s stuck in their own limitations and they need someone to guide them through it to realise their limitlessness.

 That person is you.

personal brand mix connection


Step up into the light and connect with your audience in a way you’ve never done before. In a way that’s authentic for you, and magnetic for them. Based on a fundamental theory of human psychology, my custom-built Online Assessment Tool along with a 1:1 Explore Session will transform the way you perceive yourself, because you’ll have so much more clarity and insight about your own motivations, desire, fears and shadows, and you’ll have the tools and awareness to use this insight in your personal brand.

What you’ll learn in this process will give you a level of connection which becomes your magic power while living out your vision of sparking transformation in the lives of the people you serve.

personal brand mix connection


Expand your knowledge, perspective, toolkit and business model! Hero’s are not born, they are made. In order for the magic of transformation to happen, it needs somewhere for it to happen. If your personal brand has any hope of expanding to meet and exceed it’s potential, it needs the processes and structures in place to empower it to grow. 

My 12 step, 12 week personal brand programme will take you on a journey, from exploring to expressing. If you’re wanting the whole shebang as a solopreneur who’s intent on catalysing change by becoming sustainably and confidently visible, then you’re going to love this programme. 

It runs twice per year for 12 weeks. Click here to sign up or get notified about the next programme date.

personal brand mix connection


This is NOT the time to shy away from the camera. In fact, it’s time to see the camera as your ally on your quest to impact as many lives as possible. This is where most women fall short on their mission to build their business and achieve the heights of the transformation they want to affect in the world. They shy away from being seen.

Whether it’s photos or videos or both, your visual content is a crucial part of your Personal Branding Mix. Without it, you’ll never spark the inspiration or interest of your audience.

The conversation you have with your audience is where the magic and transformation happens, but your visual content is the spark that inspires them to ignite that conversation in the first place. Are you ready to be seen?