The Easiest way to Personal Brand Confidence

The easiest way to build personal brand confidence.

“Putting yourself out there” is tough enough when you don’t have clarity and start copying what you see others doing. But true personal brand confidence comes from building a foundation that’s solid, clear and true to your innate qualities. You need to have clarity about who you are inherently, before you can expect others to have clarity about who you are and how you can help them. This is not about your products or services. This is about YOU!

When you know yourself… you can help others.

Your Personal Brand Archetype

If you’re a coach, a consultant, a speaker, an author, a creative or someone who wants to affect transformation in the lives of people who are battling with their own self-mastery, then you know that you need to walk your talk and practice your own self-mastery. When it comes to building your personal brand, knowing your personal archetype and tapping into the tools of your archetypal mix will clarify who you are, how you can help your audience and will distinctly separate you from others in similar fields. Playing to your strengths and acknowledging your shadows are critical to the success of your personal brand. Knowing your Archetype helps you clarify and articulate your unique perspective, approach and super-power and makes you memorable and distinguishable to your audience in a sea of copy-cats.

Archetype Mapping Session

One 90 minute 1:1 online Archetype Mapping Session with me will give you with the following:

  • There are 3 different Archetypes that are important for your Personal Brand Roadmap. This is called your Archetypal Mix. In this session we’ll clarify the Archetypal Mix unique to your Personal Brand.
  • We’ll brainstorm content ideas in line with your Personal Brand Goals.
  • I’ll provide you with a quick reference ‘cheat sheet’ so you know how to communicate with your audience, what wording to use and what visuals to create or source.
  • I’ll give you an Archetype-based 4 week Content Plan so you can create and share content strategically and in line with your Archetypal Mix. 
  • I’ll follow up with your for 7 days via text message to hold you accountable to the Action Plan you committed to during our session.

adhoc session

Book an adhoc consultation for an in-depth personal brand 1:1 strategy session. Not only will the archetype assessment, compass & matrix help you understand yourself, it’ll help you understand your audience too and give you the insight to express yourself with confidence.

Book an Explore Session to discover the power of archetypes in your personal brand strategy.

$250 | R2500 per 90 minute session.


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