We currently exist in interesting times and more than ever connection, community, creativity and confidence are required if we’re going to make the most of a pretty shit situation.


Not only are our businesses and physical well-being at risk, but our mental well-being is too.


The isolation measures, although necessary could be the cause of the most anxiety of all.


So I’m hoping to do my bit to alleviate some of that isolation related anxiety…


But not just any dance video – a community created, crowd sourced dance video.

It’s time to remind ourselves of the power of just 1 minute doing something that lifts our spirits, gets our heart pumping and our blood flowing, and raises our mood, confidence and immune system.

We might be in isolation, but we sure can dance together…

Watch the video and please share with a woman who needs a little break from reality right now…

We each have to ACTUALLY work at staying confident, staying calm, staying healthy – it’s all our individual responsibility. It might not seem like much, but a 1 minute happy dance could be the difference between a mental spiral or a proactive attitude.

I know which one I’m choosing…

Here’s the Youtube Video link:

Here’s the Facebook video link:

Hey ladies… so I’m ready for a momentary change of subject.And feel like doing something I’ve never done before…This is an experiment and I’d love you to help me create it…Please watch and contribute if it resonates and feels pleasurable! I’d love to see how far we could go with this…I plan to launch the video on April 1st…Submit your videos via wetransfer, google drive or Dropbox to hello@cafinnate.comTHANK YOu! Let’s have some fun with this!

Posted by Abigail K on Friday, 20 March 2020

Please share with women in your neighbourhood, your province, your country, other countries.

Let’s join together, even though we’re apart from each other…

Submit your video

Submit your video to hello@cafinnate.com via wetransfer, Google Drive or Dropbox.