I don’t know about you, but whenever summer time comes around, I think of sea, sun and family!

It’s the time of year where the item on the top of the to-do list is, “Spend Time With Family”. As if it’s the only time we get to do it. Well, for some families, I suppose it is the only time that all the family members are in the same place at the same time. Or even at least in the same country!

So I’m never surprised when, come Christmas/Summer time, I’m inundated with requests to do family portrait sessions. Whether it’s taking family photos on the beach, at the family home, or in my studio – families feel compelled to capture their special group photos, because they don’t know when everyone will be together again.

When a new year is looming, I can’t help but wonder what the coming year has in store for me and my life, and that’s when I’m reminded to appreciate the now, and spend time with the people I love NOW! Because, by this time next year, you don’t know who will still be here.

Not to get to morbid here, but I’ve learned this year that the only time we have any influence on is now. Yesterday is done and can never be changed, and tomorrow doesn’t yet exist.

Frost Family Portrait Session

I had done a Business Portrait for Alison a few years ago when I was still in my old studio, so I was thrilled when she contacted me in April of this year to organise a group family portrait session in August, because it would be the first time the majority of her family would be together, from across the country, and it would coincide with her mother’s birthday.

Frost group family portrait Cape Town Portrait Photographer, Abigail K

When she explained the number of people, I realised my studio wouldn’t be big enough so I booked an office space (yes, you read correctly – an office space!) for the shoot. The reason I didn’t choose a photography studio is because I like to work with window light and most often, traditional photo studios are all about the big flashing-beeping strobes.

Frost group family portrait Cape Town Portrait Photographer, Abigail K

I also brought in not one, but two of my makeup artists, Kristine and Bia, to attend to the ladies’ hair and makeup needs.

The shoot went like clockwork – making sure we got the various group configurations, posing, resetting and starting again in a different outfit.

It was a long day of shooting, but I think Alison and her family will agree that with her daughter now living overseas and half of the rest of the family living in different provinces, having these special photos of all of them together will always be a special family heirloom.

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 Get The Family Together This Summer

So if you’re getting all the family together this summer/Christmas time, perhaps you should arrange a group family portrait session? And if that’s a little too formal for you, then just be mindful, be present and treasure every moment you have with them.

Would You Like a Group Family Portrait Too?